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I think that nowadays English studying is a very important phenomenon. English language became an international language. English occupies leading position among such languages as Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and French - it is the official languages of the UN. All large companies such as air and sea companies use this language. I guess that in future all people will speak English. My mother says that every educated person should know foreign language or may be some foreign languages. I think that people who know English can visit different countries without problems, because English gives a possibility to communicate with foreign people. Today many people study English. Some of them because of work necessity, they need to make agreements and many different documents. Also a lot of people travel abroad. And for other people language studying is a hobby. They just want to wide their outlook.


Английский алфавит
Английский алфавит тётушки Совы. Для просмотра видео нажмите на картинку или на эту ссылку https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diRdtNGwVV0&list=PLfPjiztjPvtiF3s--0C46ShADDqUlGlNc


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1000 самых нужных английских фраз. Для просмотра нажмите на картинку или на эту ссылку ОТКРЫТЬ








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